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Archos is a French corporation founded by Henri Crohas (the name company name ARCHOS is an anagram of his last name) in 1988. They are a consumer electronics company that continues to service customers worldwide to this day. Archos is most notable for manufacturing a number of portable media and data storage devices. Their product line features everything from Tablets and E-Readers to MP3/MP4 players and mobile phones.

It is no secret that our reality is becoming interconnected. With the dawn of the internet age, borders are coming to be only existent on a physical map. While leaders are battling for control, and power, the people of the world are sharing ideas, media, and other information every second of every day. Archos is bringing the power and influence of the internet into our living rooms and everywhere else in our house, while streamlining the technology to devices that we currently own.

Windows Tablets allow you to bring your media and important documents with you from home or office onto the train so that you can maximize productivity. They even have a varied collection of Android powered tablets so that the information which you have already spent hours organizing on your mobile phone can be easily transferred and used on multiple devices.

So many aspects of our lives, from our daily routines to  our communication with our coworkers, are managed via the internet. It only makes sense to incorporate such technology into our daily lives. Bring the internet into the living room. Consult your tablet to get a debriefing of what is happening at work today. Leave your tablet in your bag and be able to access the same information on your mobile. Archos believes that we all deserve to have this convenience, and offers options to fit any budget so that even while the economy may be in a rough patch, are productivity doesn’t have to follow the same path.