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Get the latest Apple phone deals right here. Apple mobile phones have created a phenomenal following in only a few years. So if you are looking to make great saving on the latest Apple phone you can compare deals to find the cheapest deal on the market today. We compare deals across all major UK networks to offer great deals on Apple contract phones which included extras such as a free phone, unlimited text, talk minutes and data. You will also find cheap deals with a selection of free gifts with selected contracts. You can also find great deals on pay as you go apple phones and Micro SIM only deals for your new IPad.

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Get great deals on Apple phones on O2 and get great benerfits with the one of the UK leading networks O2 . Find Apple phones on O2 with unlimited minutes, text and data.


 T-mobile networkT-Mobile is a fast growing network and and has plans to grow with great iPhone deals. T-mobile competitive pricing stratergy aims to offer great value for money.

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Three mobile networkThree Mobile offer great connectivity with there higly supported 3G network. Three mobile is a great network to combine phone deals with large internet allowances.


Fairly new to the mobile phone manufacturing party, Apple have managed to revolutionise the mobile phone industry with the hugely successful iPhone range. The Apple touch screen interface brought new possibilities into the mobile marketplace and have had other manufacturers playing catch-up ever since! Until relatively recently, Apple was mainly known for its computer systems and MP3 music players, but the Apple mobile phone arrived to instant worldwide success. The Apple mobile phones range, all referred to as "iPhones" (The "i" prefix is now firmly part of the Apple brand along with music players called "iPods" computers called "iMacs" etc) offer consumers some of the most advanced mobile technology available today.

All iPhone models offer users a range of useful features and technological capabilities that combine ease of use with incredible choice and stunning looks. The huge range of  applications available to Apple phone users allows a vast number of uses for their iPhones and there are more applications being created on a seemingly daily basis. The first feature which really launched the iPhone was the touch screen, Apple's version of the touchscreen allowed iPhone users to do far more than they would be able to with the conventional mobile phone keypads. The Apple touch screens allowed user control by tapping, sliding and dragging items on the screen which allowed applications and facilities to be created for the iPhone that were not available to regular handset users.

Along with the touchscreen, Apple mobile phones also come with a range of regular smartphone features, including a digital camera and of course a music player. The music player on the Apple iPhone is specifically designed to synchronise with the Apple iTunes software and website, which contains the world’s largest collection of downloadable music. The sheer number and choice of applications that are available for users to download from the Apple iPhone app store means that users will be able to find applications to do almost anything. Increasingly a large number of these applications are created by the Apple community and therefore many of these apps that can be downloaded on the Apple mobile phones completely free. Some are available at extra cost but are usually higher quality and more complex which therefore offer greater benefits.

In addition to the wide range of features, Apple iPhones have a certain image which other manufacturers struggle to compete with. Much like the Apple computers, the iPhone has spawned a huge community, those who are involved in this community will be unlikely to consider any other mobile phone except an Apple product.

The only real downside to the latest Apple iPhones is the cost of the handsets themselves, Apple mobile phones are expensive, although prices are starting to come down in the UK as the exclusive deal O2 had on iPhones in the UK has now come to an end, now other manufacturers offer iPhone handsets on their own tariffs and plans and the competition should have a positive effect, from a consumer point of view) on price.