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Alcatel-Lucent is a huge technology company with a record of delivering innovation to customers both in the lab and in the consumer environment. A long established market leader in mobile and fixed telecommunications, as well as internet services and optic technologies. Today Alcatel operates in more than 130 countries worldwide with revenues of 16 billion Euros per annum. Alcatel-Lucent is incorporated in France with their headquarters in Paris.

The telecommunications industry today is a fast moving environment and network operators must now move to keep pace with society and their demands. The current core of research and development at Alcatel-Lucent is their innovation engine "Alcatel-Lucent’s Bell Labs". This is an innovation engine with researchers working in areas such as multimedia and converged services and associated applications or platforms. Alcatel is at the forefront of wireless and broadband technologies and state of the art research in areas such as nanotechnology and computer sciences.

Alcatel-Lucent has acquired ITT’s European telecom business and also most of AT&T’s manufacturing operations outside the United States, in effect the Alcatel-Lucent mobile phone and telecommunications operations are a spin off from AT&T. This innovative history and massive research and development means that Alcatel mobile phones in the UK are amongst the cheapest and most technologically advanced on the market. Alcatel phones are available on a monthly contract through O2, Orange, Vodafone, Virgin or T-Mobile or they can be purchased outright on a "sim free" or pay-as-you-go basis.

Although Alcatel are not one of the most well known brands in the UK, a significant proportion of the UK mobile phone users are Alcatel owners. Alcatel mobile phones have a reputation for offering fantastic handsets with state of the art functions and intuitive user interfaces at a bargain basement price. The Alcatel mobile phone range are available on all major UK mobile networks are are proving enduringly popular to UK consumers.

All the latest Alcatel mobile phones in the marketplace are reviewed on this site. So if you are looking for an Alcatel handset please check out all the latest Alcatel phone reviews and contract deals featured to ensure you choose the correct handset at the best price.

The most popular Alcatel handsets are the OT-230D (a candy bar handset with 1.5 inch color screen), the Alcatel OT-222 (a stylish flip mobile phone), the Alcatel OT-305 (with a VGA camera and 1.5 inch display screen), the Alcatel OT-710D (a classic touch mobile phone with 2.83 inch QVGA touch screen), the Alcatel OT-980 (a dual SIM Android powered handset) and the The Alcatel OT-606 which features a QWERTY and Alphanumeric keypad, 2.20 inch TFT display screen, VGA camera with video playback and recording, FM Radio with RDS, Bluetooth, GPRS, WAP, Web browser and Java.