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You may wonder where network provider, 3 Mobile, got their name and it turns out, the company has a bit of a love affair with the number. In 2003, the company launched their 3G network on the third day of the third month. The company is passionate about 3G capabilities, and has continued to work diligently since the network’s startup to deliver reliable and fast 3G access to all of its customers. They are a company working on the fringe of mobile technology and the culture that surrounds it.  As 4G becomes the new standard, one can expect to see 3 Mobile doing the same for 4G as it did for 3G

The company was founded with the motives to change the mobile phone industry for the better for consumers all across the UK. Three Mobile encourages customers to deliver feedback on their products and services so that they may deliver the best possible service that a network can give. A core belief of the corporation is that the mobile information technology that is becoming more widespread has the potential to give individual’s the power and tools necessary to make positive difference.  The company coordinates their services and resources in a way that allows the individuals to achieve their potential.

At the corporate level, 3 Mobile has a strong sense of environmental responsibility. To maintain healthy community, one must first nurture a healthy environment. The company does just that by recycling all plastics, paper and cardboard internally, as well as offering recycling services for old phones and batteries. Working with the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC), 3 Mobile has been making a conscious effort to reduce and to rectify its own carbon footprint, raising employee’s energy consumption awareness. They are setting a positive example for competitors and newcomers in the industry alike.