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18 Month Contracts

Choosing the right mobile phone contract to suit your needs can prove to be a more complicated and delicate task than anticipated no matter if it’s an 18 month, 12 month or 24 month contract.  Much of your decision will depend on the tariff and phone you are thinking about purchasing, as well as the desired flexibility and your own personal budget. A fancy smartphone combined with a tariff that includes a significant amount of data, texts, and minutes in your plan will generally be a rather costly investment but we have selected our best 18 month contracts to show you what you can get for your cash. You can even compare our 18 month contracts on various UK leading networks such as O2, Three mobile, Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile, and Virgin.

An 18 month mobile phone contract can help to reduce the cost of both the phone and the tariff. A longer contract will provide you with greater discounts for both your tariff and phone, but longer contracts may be intimidating if you are not completely ready to make such a long term commitment. By signing onto one of our best 18 month contract, you can significant reduce the cost of owning your mobile device, especially when compared to pay as you go plans or a 12 month contract. The 18 month duration makes signing the contract less stressful than the longer, more common contracts that are out there today, and will also allow you more freedom to upgrade your phone and plan in a shorter time than a longer contract.

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