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See all the new phones that are coming soon. If you're the kind of person that can't wait for something to be released then this is the place for you. See all the phones that are coming soon and even pre-order phones that will be hard to get on release without a pre-order in place.

Apple Phones Coming Soon in 2019

Apple products are one of the most pre-ordered devices in the mobile industry, so when it comes to knowing what is coming out soon from Apple, it can be a must for people looking to get their hand on the latest Apple products. In 2012 we are hoping to see the release of the IPhone 5 and the IPad 3 which is sure to cause a huge amount of interest from their loyal customers.

No handsets coming soon for Apple

BlackBerry Phones Coming Soon in 2019

BlackBerry phones are entering the Smartphone arena with their new operating system this year. Commonly seen as the must have phone for any businessman the BlackBerry handset offer a wide range of function that set them out from their compactors. This year we are sure to see a wide range of phones offering even more as they improve their operation system throughout the year.

No handsets coming soon for BlackBerry

HTC Phones Coming Soon in 2019

HTC plans for 2012 will see them focusing on a completely new range of phones each supporting the android interface. When it comes to android phone people either love them or hate them but if you're going to give and android ago this year you should go with HTC who blend their operation system and high quality hardware seamlessly. Future handset announcements include the HTC Titan 2.

No handsets coming soon for HTC

LG Phones Coming Soon in 2019

No handsets coming soon for LG

Motorola Phones Coming Soon in 2019

Motorola offerings for 2012 are the Motokey social which is a dedicated facebook phone, the Atrix 2 there 4G phone which a dual core processor the Defy Mini a smaller version of the popular tough Defy and the fire XT a touch screen version of the original fire.

No handsets coming soon for Motorola

Nokia Phones Coming Soon in 2019

With Nokia's new Lumia 800 becoming so widely popular with the fans of Nokia customers. Nokia are exspanding the Lumia range in 2012 with the future release of the Lumia 900 already set. Nokia are also expanding their entry phone range with the Asha 300 and the Asha 303 a qwerty phone.

Samsung Phones Coming Soon in 2019

This year Samsung is releasing a wide range of phones and handheld tablets. This year we will see Samsung release an array of phones including the Galaxy note, Galaxy Y Pro duos, Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE, wave 3, Galaxy ace plus, galaxy s 2 HD LTE and many more. So we are sure to have plenty of new Samsung deals to offer you throughout 2012

Sony Phones Coming Soon in 2019

Sony will be expanding its highly popular Xperia range this year as well as trying to bring in a more diverse customer base with it specialised style focused phone. If you like to play games on your phone, like to listen to music on the move or socialise online using your mobile, Sony will be launching a phone for you.

No handsets coming soon for Sony