Tim Cook and the Possibility of a Cheaper Iphone Deal for Everyone

Monday 4 March 2013 10 AM

The idea of having a cheaper iPhone has always been the topic of much discussion. Apple has insisted on premium pricing for as long as one can remember. It has become a characteristic of the company, and since its market has nonetheless been thriving, the possibility of a cheaper iPhone has always been downplayed, until now. The need to reach the PAYG customers and people looking for contract phones deals with bad credit has been uncovered. These customers, mostly found in emerging markets, want a taste of Apple, but the prices have always been discouraging. This has nurtured the idea of having the iPhone become more affordable and not just reserved for ‘the rich’.


At a recent event, Tim Cook, the CEO of the giant Cupertino Company, hinted the possibility of having an iPhone that could be more affordable to the masses, albeit not directly. The need to have one became obvious after lowered prices of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S created a supply shortage as a lot of buyers had become interested. It became indicative of the potential an affordable iPhone could have.


Cook first reiterated that Apple is committed to developing products that are deserving of greatness. It has been Apple’s stand for a long time- to put quality ahead of price, and so far it has worked in its favor. But the growth of emerging markets is forcing the company to reconsider having a product that is suitable to these markets.


Instead of making the iPhone cheaper, Cook hinted at the possibility of developing a new product altogether, instead of cheapening the current version that is in existence. It is the same move the company employed when the market demanded for a sub-£500 Mac. The need to have a cheaper iMac gave rise to the iPad, and it has been a growing success ever since it set foot into the market.


If there is anything we can take from the words of Apple’s CEO, it’s that a cheaper iPhone might be in the works. There is no saying when, or what we can expect from the product, except that it might be made from plastic, instead of glass. Also, it will be a new product altogether, so Apple’s reputation for premium products will not be dented. If indeed Apple does manage to penetrate the middle segment of the market, it might change the game altogether, as this is where most manufacturers capitalize on, as they make such diverse offerings.