TalkTalk to launch a mobile phone

Thursday 17 May 2012 03 PM

talktalk logoTalkTalk, one of the biggest UK broadband and home phone providers, has announced they are to launch a mobile phone under their own branding. Currently the TalkTalk mobile offerings have been limited to sim-only deals using the Vodafone network, but now the company plans to launch a handset later this year according to their official sales figures statement. TalkTalk have yet to expand on their plans, but industry insiders expect they will employ an original equipment manufacturer to produce the handset and then apply their own branding rather than attempt to manufacture a phone from scratch, in much the same way as the Orange branded San Francisco 2 and Virgin branded mobile phones.

The pundits favourites right now seem to be ZTE and Huawei, but TalkTalk remain tight lipped at this time. But TalkTalk has an impressive user base of over 70,000 mobile customers (an impressive 7.5% share of the UK SIM-only market) and that base is increasing thanks to their budget SIM-only plans running on the Vodafone network. This large customer base means that that the TalkTalk mobile phone could pose a significant threat to other manufacturers if they instigate an aggressive pricing model. Stay tuned for further updates and a full review of the new TalkTalk mobile as soon as it becomes available.