IPhone 5 Sales in the UK

Friday 2 November 2012 01 PM

Iphone 5 sale figuersApple has already started the sale of iPhone 5. In just 3 days, they have managed to sell 5 million mobile phones and this is despite the fact that customers are grumbling about some of the software. Fans of the brand flocked shops in order to get their hands on the newest iPhone model. In London for instance, more than one thousand and thirteen people queued at the flagship Apples store in Regent Street while others camped outside the Covent Garden in order for a week to be at the front of the queue.   

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook has gone on record to say they are working one ensuring that every customer is able to get a mobile phone as soon as possible. The initial supply has already been sold out and though this is the case, stores have continued to receive shipments of iPhone 5 regularly. As iPhone 5 sales in the UK continue, customers are opting to place their orders online and they are given an estimate on the delivery date thus making things considerably easier. As the sales figures were announced, it also emerged that the iPhone 5 is the coolest brand in the UK market. The new phone is not only thinner but lighter than previous models and what is more, it can work with the 4G network which was announced recently at a cost of £ 529.

Other options include the 32 GB model, which costs £599, and the 64GB, which costs £699. Thanks to the new 4G network, the mobile phone has speeds that are up to 5 times better than those found in 3G and it also allows uninterrupted web access while on the go. Films downloads are high definition and can be completed in minutes. To cap it all, the mobile phone also offers streamed TV without any buffering. IPhone 5 sales in the UK have not been without complaints. Rather, there has been a flurry about the phones maps. Some of the reports indicate that the maps have missing information and geographical errors. Despite this setback, Apple has promised that improvements are going to be made.  

With the ongoing iPhone 5 sales in the UK, majority of people are already looking for ways they can get the mobile phone at an affordable cost. It is precisely for this reason that majority are out searching for plans that suit their budget needs and if the online booking is anything to go by, then it is clear that the UK market is going to be shopping for the iPhone for a longer duration. In addition to this, the long queues that continue to characterize stores that have started iPhone 5 sales in the UK are a clear indication that the flurry for the mobile phone is not going to ease or die out any time soon.  

Reviews on iPhone 5 sales in the UK indicate that there are enthusiasts who will do everything that is within their power in order to get their hands on the mobile phone. Above all, the promises made by Apple to ensure that all enthusiasts get their own mobile have further enhanced iPhone 5 sales in the UK.