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Cornwall 4G trial extended

Sunday January 29, 2012
A trial of 4G (Long Term Evolution) mobile phone connectivity technology in Cornwall is to be extended until June of this year after being granted permission by communications regulator Ofcom to keep the trial running. Read the Whole Article

Concerns raised on police phone use

Friday January 27, 2012
An £80 million programme to provide mobile phones to front line police officers in the UK has left some forces with more mobiles than officers, and others with just one BlackBerry or PDA between 100, according to auditors! Figures show that just one in five forces have used the devices effectively and not enough consideration has been given to how they would be used the report from the National Audit Office said. Read the Whole Article

JCB Motorola Defy+ Lifeproof phone

Friday January 27, 2012
This new JCB device upgrades the existing Motorola Defy+ and is marketed as "Lifeproof". Read the Whole Article

Nokia has reported a loss for the final three months of 2011

Friday January 27, 2012
The Mobile phone giant Nokia has reported a loss for the final three months of 2011, as sales of their mobile devices fell sharply. Read the Whole Article

Smartphone apps killing Satnavs

Friday January 27, 2012
Drivers are saying that mobile phone applications for satellite navigation are easier to use and update than dedicated after market satnav units. Read the Whole Article

O2 is sharing users mobile numbers

Friday January 27, 2012
An internet expert has found that O2 is sharing the mobile phone numbers of customers with third parties via its website due to a security oversight. Read the Whole Article

Nokia ships the 1.5 billionth phone running its S40 operating system

Friday January 27, 2012
The Finnish mobile giant Nokia has announced it has shipped the 1.5 billionth phone running its S40 operating system! The Symbian operating systen has been underpinning Nokia's success for years, ever since the first S40 phone was sold back in 1999, and according to Mary McDowell (chief executive of Nokia's mobile phone division) "It's difficult to think of a product line with such an impact on the world's population,". Read the Whole Article

Children Switching from TV to Mobile Internet

Friday January 27, 2012
According to Sean Coughlan (the BBC News education correspondent) the life of children and young people increasingly revolve around mobile phones, the result is that TV is being pushed aside by mobile internet devices, according to a UK survey of young people and technology. Read the Whole Article

Carphone plans to use existing stores to offer an extended range of electronic products

Friday January 27, 2012
Europe's biggest independent mobile phone retailer, the Carphone Warehouse, has said it is planning a big drive into other electronic gadgets, such as laptops and tablets, as it seeks to replace falling revenue from a weak prepay phone market in the UK. Read the Whole Article

The SpareOne mobile phone brought to you by Xpal Power

Friday January 27, 2012
One of the problems associated with the increasing hi-tech abilities of mobile phones is that battery life has dwindled. Read the Whole Article

Reports that the much anticipated Galaxy S3 model will now be delayed

Friday January 27, 2012
We had our fingers crossed the Samsung Galaxy S3 would be revealed in the next month (February), unfortunately reports have began to surface that the much anticipated S3 model will now be delayed. Read the Whole Article

The Sony Xperia Ion has finally arrived

Friday January 27, 2012
The Sony Xperia Ion has finally arrived and looks chock full of technology including a dual core 1.5Ghz chip, 16GB of internal memory and a 12 megapixel camera sensor. Read the Whole Article

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