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Apple iPad 3 selling like hotcakes

Tuesday March 20, 2012
The sales figures for Apple’s new iPad are simply staggering, even when did compared to the hugely successful iPad 2, it has literally sold millions since in the few days since the launch date (16th of March), 3 million new iPads sold in less than four days! These are extraordinary figures by any standards, for comparison, original iPad took 80 days to reach three million units sold. Read the Whole Article

New tariffs range launched by Three Mobile

Thursday March 8, 2012
Today we have heard from Three Mobile who are about to announced changes to their current tariffs. Read the Whole Article

Pre order the HTC One X and pre order HTC One S from Dialaphone from today

Monday March 19, 2012
Dialaphone has just announced that they will be taking pre-orders for the all new HTC one S and the HTC one X in the UK.  All the HTC fans have been waiting for this pre-order to begin since the phone was first reviled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The HTC One X will be released as the leading phone for HTC this year. Read the Whole Article

Facebook are to show ads on mobile phones

Monday February 6, 2012
Facebook are to show ads on mobile phones starting March 2012 prior to its £3.2billion initial public offering (IPO), according to a report in the Financial Times. Read the Whole Article

Vodafone changes it data allowance on selected Tariffs.

Monday March 19, 2012
Vodafone has announced today that they will be changing their data allowance on certain Tariffs. Read the Whole Article

Worldwide mobile phone market grows

Monday February 6, 2012
The worldwide mobile phone market in terms of total sales has seen a steady increase in the fourth quarter of 2011, even while sales for the feature phone market have been declining faster than most anticipated, according to research conducted by IDC (Research of information technology companies and markets). Read the Whole Article

Nokia confirms Mobile Hotspot Functionality on Windows Phone handsets

Monday March 19, 2012
Nokia has finally confirmed that its excellent Windows Phone handsets, the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 will receive a software update adding mobile hotspot functionality in line with the recently announced Lumia 610. Read the Whole Article

75 percent of people surveyed admit to using mobile phones on the toilet

Friday February 3, 2012
A survey by the website, has just found that three quarters of people have texted, emailed, played with apps or used the internet on their mobiles while sitting on the loo! Some are saying that smartphones have usurped magazines as the choice of "entertainment" when nature calls. Read the Whole Article

T mobile has launched a new limited time tariff

Friday March 16, 2012
T-Mobile has announced that they are offering a limited time tariff plan. Read the Whole Article

Android phones overtaking BlackBerry

Friday February 3, 2012
People looking for new handsets are increasingly looking at Android devices ahead of BlackBerry products, according to John Naughton, Professor of public engagement with technology at Cambridge University. Read the Whole Article

T Mobile Tariff Updates

Monday March 12, 2012
As of this week T-Mobile announce decreases in its pay monthly and sim only pricing. Read the Whole Article

Bamboo mobile phone launched by British student

Friday February 3, 2012
Kieron Scott-Woodhouse, a 23-year-old design student at Middlesex University has announced he is to launch a mobile phone made largely from bamboo! But this is no primitive handset, its a smartphone that has been codenamed "ADzero" and is no pipe dream either with a launch date being set for later this year. Read the Whole Article

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